Ultimate Hospital Bag For Newborn Baby 妈妈待产宝宝用品 - Baby Essential 13


The Essential 18 consist of all the newborn's necessity:

  • Cloth Detergent 1L *1 bottle
  • Mitten *1 pair
  • Socks *1 pair
  • Hat *1pc
  • Muslin Wrap *1pc
  • Baby Bath 500ml *1 bottle
  • Baby Lotion 75ml *1 bottle
  • Nappy Cream 75ml *1 bottle
  • Tummy Rub 30ml *1 tub
  • Cotton Buds 300pcs *1 set
  • Nail Scissor *1 unit
  • Wet Wipes 100s *1 pack
  • Dry Tissue 80s *1 box




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  • Girl

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the essential items list for mommy hospital bag 妈妈待产包必须用品

Deciding what to pack in your hospital bag—for baby, you and your partner. So where to start? You don’t want to leave out any essentials, but there’s also no reason to overdo things.

For new expecting mommies, what should we prepare for the newborn baby? Here are the things we would recommend.

hospital bag for newborn baby newborn essential checklist 准妈妈待产包新生儿所需用品

The Essential 13 consist of all the newborn's necessity for the first month of your childbirth

  • Cloth Detergent (1L) - Wash and clean all your baby's blankets and outfits with this organic laundry detergent
  • Mitten, Socks, Hat (1 set) - Mitten to keep babies from scratching themselves, newborns can get cold easily, even during skin-to-skin contact, your newborn can wear a hat and socks.
  • Baby Wrap (1pc) - For swaddling your baby
  • Body Bath (500ml) - Head to toe body wash, no-tears, no need rinse SGS certified baby bath
  • Baby Lotion (75ml) - Soothe your new baby by applying a generous amount of baby cream with gentle strokes. to promote skin regeneration & hydration
  • Nappy Cream (75ml) - Produced to help protect baby's bottom between each nappy change
  • Tummy Rub (30ml) - Soothe and calm the baby's tummy, massage baby’s abdomen in a clockwise motion following a circle around the belly button
  • Cotton Buds (300pcs) - Special buds shape for safety and easy cleaning especially for newborn's nose
  • Nail Scissor (1 unit) -  A simple & lightweight handheld scissor to trim your baby’s nail quickly, easily and safely
  • Wet Wipes (100s) - Newborns’ skin is particularly sensitive, use unscented organic baby wipes in the first weeks
  • Dry Tissue (80s) - Multi function tissue for plain water nappy change and for catching any spit-up while burping your baby



  • 婴儿专用洗衣液(1瓶)- 有机温和的配方清洗宝宝衣物随时待用。
  • 脚套,防抓手套,帽子(1套)- 防止宝宝抓伤、碰伤自己。
  • 宝宝包被(1个)- 新生儿包巾主要模拟宝宝熟悉了九个月的子宫环境,防止宝宝的惊跳反应,给他安全感,有助于宝宝平静安睡。
  • 婴儿专用沐浴露(1瓶)- 新生宝宝需要的沐浴液不多,采用温和不刺激的可保护宝宝敏感肌肤。
  • 婴儿专用润肤露(1瓶)- 宝宝的护肤品最重要的功效就是保湿,需选择有机无香料、无酒精的产品。
  • 婴儿护臀膏(1瓶)- 预防宝宝红屁股。
  • 婴儿胀风舒缓按摩膏(1瓶)- 初生宝宝常有肚子不适及胀风现象,可稍加按摩帮助舒缓及排气。
  • 婴儿棉花棒(300支)- 细棉棒专为婴儿设计,专门清洁宝宝耳鼻肚脐等地方。
  • 指甲剪(1个)- 勤剪宝宝小指甲避免刮伤,剪刀更容易修剪过长指甲及迁就小指甲的角度。
  • 有机湿巾100张(1包)- 可预备几包方便宝宝擦屁股或妈妈擦拭等。
  • 干湿两用巾(80张)- 洗澡洗脸洗屁屁都可以用,也能当打嗝垫及口水巾。

lucky baby comfortable hat mittens booties for newborn baby 初生宝宝宝暖保护帽子手套脚套lucky baby comfortable hat mittens booties for newborn baby 初生宝宝宝暖保护帽子手套脚套

bamboo swaddle muslin baby blanket

bamboo swaddle muslin baby blanketk-mom organic baby premium wet wipes

k-mom zero dust laundry detergentsimba swiss organic edelweiss baby shower body wash shampoo 宝宝有机沐浴露simba swiss organic edelweiss baby shower body wash shampoo 宝宝有机沐浴露buds baby organic newborn infant everyday lotion and nappy change cream 初生婴儿宝宝护肤及护臀膏buds baby organic newborn infant everyday lotion and nappy change cream 初生婴儿宝宝护肤及护臀膏simba baby nail scissor for newborn 婴儿指甲剪刀baby soothe and calm tummy wind rub creambaby soothe and calm tummy wind rub cream 宝宝有机肠胃胀风舒缓按摩膏simba multi function baby dry and wet wipes for mouth and fur cleaning 小狮王辛巴干湿两用巾korea mother-k kmom safe baby cotton bud 宝宝安全耳朵鼻孔清理棉花棒korea mother-k kmom safe baby cotton bud 宝宝安全耳朵鼻孔清理棉花棒

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