Joan Miro My First Puzzle - Wildlife



A shape-matching puzzle with friendly animals is a great way to enhance baby's developing skills!

  • Ideal Age: 3y+
  • Eco-plant ink and safe material
  • 4 design - Lion (3pcs), Zebra (4 pcs), Bear (5pcs) & Elephant (6pcs)

Origin Country: ENGLAND




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Visual development for kids has reached to vigourous level when they are over the age of 2. They begin to produce concepts of objects' size, color and space.

joan miro puzzle

Simple puzzle training can teach kids to think logically, improve their ability of observing and analzing, and it also can cultivate kids to do something patiently.

joan miro puzzle

joan miro puzzle

We are using pulp repression technology with 3mm thickness, compare to other brand only 2mm
Not easy to fold

joan miro puzzle

joan miro puzzle

joan miro puzzle

  • Simple puzzle training can teach kids to think logically, improve ability of observing and analysing
  • Contain cute animal images with rich colour collocation by using quality material to enhance quality of image
  • Enlightenment Puzzle Product benefit with Stimulate spatial imagination
  • Improve the ability of focusing
  • Increase hand flexibility and coordinated ability
  • Enhanced self-confidence level with numbering assistance design

About us
Jar Melo / Joan Miro is a top brand derived from Europe, which is the initiator and practicer of APT theory. We believe, in children's eyes, everything in the world can be looked as art (Art), can be treated as games (Play),and can be thought with imagination (Think). They are just like the air,the rain and the sunshine. We can't live without them and they also make our childhood happier and more beautiful.

Jar Melo’s APT theory . Joan Miro 寓教于乐的美玩概念
A is Art.      We liberate the freedom of our nature in art. 从生活中发掘艺术
P is play.     By playing the games,we find our lives clear and choose the right direction as we grow up. 从艺术中提练游戏
T is Think.   By using the imagination, we create mirable fairy tales and make our life more colorful. 在游戏中进行思考

Joan Miro 是一个来自英国的国际品牌。我们致力提倡APT理念, 把Art(艺术),Play(玩乐),Think(思考)完美融合结为一体,务必让宝宝们在欢乐的同时,亦激发了他们的想象力和创造力

joan miro jar melo food grade safe drawing and coloring art tools

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