Reduced price! I Can Share: A Lift-the-Flap Book

I Can Share: A Lift-the-Flap Book



That's not fair! It's mine!

All children go through the stage were they do not want to share their personal belongings with other children. And learning to share is one of the harder social rules for both adults and little ones to figure out.

A book to learn about the real meaning of sharing is sharing happiness, care and love, what is yours still yours.

-- by Karen Katz

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You can't have my bike! But maybe I'll let you take it for a ride! Learning to share is one of the harder social rules for little ones to follow, but with this sweet book, it will be a little easier. This 8x8 book has sturdy pages for little hands!

Believe that this will be a helpful in teaching children the importance of sharing. The beautiful characters in the book have facial expressions, and when they share their stuff, they have a smile. We can tell the children, "look they are sharing and look how happy they are and having a fun time. "

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