KROOOM Galactic Police Space Mission Playset



The Galactic Police 738 heads to defend the planet!
Jump into the command car, start up the rotating cannon, and wave your galactic sword, let’s go catch shooting stars and wicked aliens.




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Krooom toys are eco-friendly toys.

They create beautiful designs to inspire eco awareness. Products are 100% recyclable and made of at least 60% post-consumer paper. Let your kids experience fun with playsets. They don't only give enjoyment, but they're also educational.

  • Includes 2 command cars, rotating fire machine, space craft, 8 figures and space elements.
  • Krooom products are made from sturdy paper board with water proof laminate
  • Laminated cardboard made of at least 60% post-consumer paper
  • Simple and Enjoyable No-Tools Assembly
  • Patented products with waterproof costing
  • Every piece of the playset fits into its place perfectly, holding together for an amazingly long time.

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