The Okay Book



Todd Parr says: “My overall message is to empower kids to feel good about themselves while learning about differences, reminding them to be kind, and inspiring them. The end. Love, Todd.”

Bold and bright, funny and reassuring, these are perfect packages for preschoolers and will stand up to the repeated readings they are guaranteed to get!




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This book very simply says it's ok to like what you like, be who you are, and love who you love. No questions asked, and does so very simply, sweet and with a silly style of humor that appeals to small children. It does sneak in some diversity training, subtly, and with humor, i.e. images of same sex relationships, multiculturalism, and disabilities.

With reinforced binding and bright primary colours, this fun little book encourages children to recognise that everything is okay, from wearing glasses or having be a different color!

the okay book by todd parrthe okay book by todd parrthe okay book by todd parrthe okay book by todd parrthe okay book by todd parr

Readers of The Okay Book will learn that it’s also okay to have freckles, wear different socks, and try new things.

The art is all bold black lines with bright, solid-color infills. They’re childlike in their simplicity, but the story packs a powerful message: You are okay as you are.

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