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hugging love baby organic food soft noodle baby healthy snack rice puff 宝宝辅食有机健康食品面条饼干米饼

Deliver Love through Quality Food, Hugging Love
The right kind of relationship of food can make a positive impact to children's health and sensory development.

Most people naturally get a good “food sensory development”, which nourishes the nervous system and creates healthy circuits capable of relaying accurate information. For children, ordinary touch and movement experiences, such as swinging, climbing, digging and touching provide a neurological diet for sensory system development.

If a child’s sensory processing is disorganized, he may be hypo or hypersensitive to temperature, pain, smells or food textures.

Hugging Love food is designed to encourage sensory development amongst children, such as texture, smell, vision, taste senses. Whilst receiving well-nourished nutrition at the same time.

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