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bebedang korea organic natural baby first snack rice puff crackers

The perfect snacks for your baby!

Mother's mind to think twice.
Bebedang is sincerely made with a mother and love for babies.

Manufacturing company THE HI uses organic rice as the base of infant food with the brand name "bebedang".

We manufacture and sell the processed organic snack professionally. Bebedang's rice snacks are made with 100% organic rice and only use eco-friendly selected fruits, vegetable and other fresh ingredients from nature.

If you look for the organic certified snack for the sake of your family's health, we highly recommend BEBEDANG's snack.

Its size is proper for your child's mouth. You feel assured of raw materials. BEBEDANG rice snack is a light high-quality snack for adults, safe first snack for children, and food toy for babies who begin gripping with hand so pick it up with an easy mind.

Also, bebedang rice snacks are not deep-fried but crispy and clean, making them safe and nutritional snacks, not only for pregnant woman and infants, but also for the whole family.

Bebedang's entire production facilities and product ingredients are being managed by the CESCO disinfection service, with all agricultural products undergoing three rounds of cleaning, making healthy food for your child.

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