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Maud N Lil Australia Organic Soft Toys

Maud N Lil is an Australian based design company which has been specialising in certified organic cotton as a resource since 1993.

"We are very passionate about organic and sustainable textiles. No baby or young child should be exposed to toxic chemicals, especially not from a product as close to them as their favourite soft toy or blankie. We are also passionate about the sustainability of the planet, about clean air, clean water and healthy crops. People forget that cotton is a plant. It matters how it is farmed and processed now and it will matter even more so in the future. We care very much about your child and the kind of world it will grow up in." Team Maud N Lil

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Your Lovely Best Friend! 100% GOTSE100 Certified Organic Cotton Best For 0 Month+, but not recommend in cots or...
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