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Beanie Nap Organic Baby Pillow

Beanie Nap – Comforter baby pillow, makes your baby feel secure by acting as a comforter. Babies are easily frightened by sudden movements and noises around them. When this happens, they may cry for long periods and may find it difficult to fall asleep. Over time, this could lead to a sense of insecurity that may make babies cling on to their caregivers.
The comforter baby pillow lowers the chances of your baby being startled awake and crying out for attention, giving both you and your baby a good night's rest. The pillow also helps to wean babies off their dependence on their caretakers.

This eco-friendly pillow is made with certified organic millet hulls and 100% Cotton fabric.  Natural Millet Hulls have been enjoyed as a pillow filling since medieval times in Europe. Removable cover made from 100% high quality cotton. Machine Washable.

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